Welcome to Eagle's Roost Campground at Smith Mountain Lake, VA

15335 Smith Mountain Lake Parkway
Huddleston, VA 24104
Office: (540) 297-7381
email:  smleaglesroost at gmail.com

 Breaking News!
Our ER Campground 4th of July picnic
will be held at the office
on July 2 at 6 PM.

Hot dogs will be supplied, as well as all plastics and paper plates/napkins. Please bring a dish to share!
Also, we need helpers to set up and clean up and cook the dogs. Please let Becky or Paula know (at the Teacher's Lounge) if you are available.

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June and July Celebrations
June 4 Jack and Patti Vickers' Anniversary
June 6 Art Bausch's Birthday
June 14
Tony and Stephanie Ricchiuto's Anniversary
June 17 Rob Baiotto and Tammy Boykin's Birthday
June 19 Debra Stower's Birthday
June 20 Chasity Trimble's Birthday
June 21 George and Ernie Short's Anniversary
June 23 Jessica Snead's Birthday
June 24 Jimmy Blankenship's Birthday
3 Bob Wells' Birthday
July 5 Tommy and Marilyn Crosby's Anniversary
July 7 Anita Blankenship's Birthday
July 8 Matt and Jen Martin's Anniversary
July 11 Mike Enright's Birthday
July 11 Becky and Paula's Anniversary
July 12 Bob Lareau and Todd Via's Birthday
July 14 Sheila Massie
's Birthday
July 15 Wayne Hill
's Birthday
July 16 Glen Toler
's Birthday 
July 17 Tim Rankin and Brooke Goolsby's Birthday
 July 18 Adam Burke and Clara Click's Birthday
July 18 Kathy Mason and Laurie Laughron
's Birthday 
July 21 Vickie Potter's Birthday
July 23 Christopher Davis
July 24 Debbie Midkiff
's Birthday
July 26
Mikaela Georgiou's Birthday
July 27 Jack Orr and Roxanne Richards' Birthday
July 29 Tom Toler's Birthdday
July 30 Doug Simmers and Jennifer Martin's Birthday
July 31 Evan Midkiff's Birthday

Eagle's Roost Campground is located in Huddleston,VA on beautiful Smith Mountain Lake.
Campground services include
a sandy beach, 
graveled roads,
two bathhouses,
a laundry room, 
a boat ramp, 
both covered and uncovered slips, 
non-denominational services on Sunday and 
welcoming seasonal campers!

no matter WHAT
the season!

Come on in to the beautiful Eagles Roost Campground

and fun in all seasons!

Please send photos 
tzstchr at gmail dot com 
so we can add them to our website.