2011 Memories

Events for Summer  2011
                                                    It's official! Eagle's Roost has a mayor! 
                                                            Bonnie Roudabush caught 
                                                                             Mayor Bobby Poppins
                                                                        in action! 

We look for any reason to join together and share good food! 
Our  first event was a surprise birthday gathering for our dear friend, Darrel

Darrel's birthday

Jambo means hello in Swahilli.  On May 21, Eagle's Roost hosted a potluck meal with a family from Kenya who visited. 
We listened to Blue Grass Gospel Music, Swahili songs and enjoyed music on the docks with Mitchell and friends as well. Our guests will be visiting the Masai village this summer 
to help build the school and mission house with the free will offerings gathered this weekend. 


July 4th
On July 4th, we had our usual golf cart parade with the theme SUPER HEROES!  However, we had more golf carts enter than ever before! There was quite a variety, as you can see in the pictures, but the winner was one decorated by "The Teachers," Drew, some of their students--and nephew and niece, Dylan and Logan.  They began by hanging all of Drew's old Rescue Heroes from the cart, then added the USA red, white and blue decor!  The idea was that our young people learn what heroes are by the toys we let them play with and their morals are often set by what we adults model.  The clincher for the win, though, was that the students sang "America" as the cart was driven by the judges. Our Super Heroes are the young people who will one day lead our world! (Good thing they have had models such as Billy Blazes, Perry Trooper, Seamore Wildlife, Maureen Biologist, Sargeant Siren, and of course, the resident lifeguard, Sandy Beach!)
Enjoy the pictures!

July 2011 Picnic

We had a potluck supper October 8, 2011 for folks closing up!

People from all over the campground came to the Teacher's Lounge to join in a campground-wide potluck dinner. Our Mayor (Bob, of Bob and Mary) brought stuffing and gravy that went beautifully with Becky's smoked turkey! She also cooked TWO (not one, but TWO) pineapple upside down cakes (in cast iron, of course!) As always, there was more food than we could eat! Look for more potlucks in the future!